“Excellent.  Fast-moving and manages to evoke emotion without being maudlin. ... Hammering reality into a dramatic arc sometimes turns true stories into cliches. ‘Unbeatable’ avoids this pitfall through the power of specificity” (The Arizona Republic)

“Funny and moving, Eric Coble's book has the benefit of authenticity… Todd Schroeder and Kevin Fisher's songs provide some of the show's best moments with rousing music that drives the show forward with energy and spirit.” (The Houston Chronicle)

“Having cancer is no song and dance, but ‘Unbeatable’, playing now to standing ovations, is touchingly hilarious(The Cleveland Plain Dealer)

“The stage was sizzling with this new triumph.  Sophisticated and accomplished, ‘Unbeatable’ brilliantly balances maudlin pathos with upbeat humor.  Don’t miss this gem.” (KBAQ Arizona)

…inventive numbers, original and bitingly comic, give "Unbeatable!" its distinctive point of view.” (St. Louis Post-Dispatch)

“It may be difficult to understand how a small but very illuminating piece of musical theater could be done on the subject of stage 3 breast cancer, but the show UNBEATABLE does it with grace, humor, honesty, credibility and objectivity.” (Harry Hamm, KMOX, St Louis)
“Cancer may seem an unlikely choice for a musical, but the constant, up-beat humor - an entertaining approach that never trivializes the subject - carries this two hour production along to its ultimately hopeful and satisfying conclusion.” (KEZ Radio Phoenix)

“Bringing a mix of laughter and tears to the ordeal with such power and conviction is part of what makes ‘Unbeatable’ such an inspirational musical. But the message isn’t about breast cancer. It’s about living life, rather than scheduling it.” (KHOU Houston)

 “ The opening night audience gave the cast a hearty standing ovation at the show’s conclusion.  Frey’s experiences, filtered through Coble’s book, obviously are deeply affecting to many audience members, and the show’s upbeat, comic nature underscores its positive affirmation of life and human resiliency.” (LaDue News)

"I am a person who laughed a lot. I am an optimistic realist," Frey said. "I realize things in life are not always going to be great, but I laugh my way through them and find interesting ways to view them."  (St. Louis,

“Whether or not you have experienced cancer in your own life or alongside someone you care about, this musical will alternately make you laugh, cry, and do a little boogie in your seat.   Don’t miss it!”  (

 “Having seen a showcase run-through of “Unbeatable,” I can honestly say I was very impressed and deeply moved by the very relevant message the show imparts.“  (Angela Lansbury, Actress)
"Unbeatable shows the roller coaster ride we live daily - only with a LOT more humor!!! It is fabulous!" (Dr. Beth Overmoyer, Medical Oncologist, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute)
"Unbeatable is a wonderful, outstanding, heart-wrenching, play with a purpose.
Worth seeing more than once!" (Ginny Clark, Board Member, Komen for the Cure Greater New York City)

“I just got in from the show (Unbeatable). All I can say is WOW!!! What an amazing showUnbeatable is Unbelievable! It raised my spirits so high!! Tomorrow I am going in for that chemo with my head up for sure!” (Chinna, cancer patient)

 "Its not just a show about breast cancer, it's a show about life and about human relationships and about love and about hope and about living each moment."    (Kristy Cates, Broadway Actress)