Unbeatable wishes to thank the following organizations,
companies and individuals for their support :
Emery Entertainment
Joe & Mikaeli Marsh
Pink Ribbons Project
Global Entertainment Group
Phoenix Theatre
Stages Repertory Theatre
Bristol-Myers Squibb
Carole & Robert Machiz
Emma Jacobs Breast Cancer Foundation
Launders Trust
The Herzog Law Group
Playhouse Square
Komen for the Cure
Team Continuum
Breast Cancer Research Foundation
Beth Overmoyer
Brian Wedge
Colin Stoddard
Carlos Romero
Allied Live
Ed & Ted’s Excellent Lighting
John Jaworski
Jenn Webb
Nick Jeen
Hotel Accomodations
K&D Group
Irv Zuckerman
Rachel Para
Idell Kesswelman
Jay Bueterbaugh
Tom & Kathy Norton
Laurie Meredith
Exhibit Merchandising
Seth Gordon
Denny Reagan
Good Catch Publishing
Sandy Weaver
Beth Smith
Joel Naftelberg
Tova Bonham
Mindy Cooper
Bert Schwartz
Donna Fiducia
Continental Airlines
US Airways
Jim Robinson
Steve Leamer
University Hospitals, Cleveland