The Story
A Love Story Framed by Uncertainty.
A tale of hope emerging through adversity.


TRACY BOYD is a multitasker extraordinaire. She gets everything DONE with a smile and a keen sense of humor all the while fielding phone calls from her jet-lagged boss, her best friend, her worried Mom, her calm friend and her sensitive-artist husband. It’s just another day in her perfectly balanced life…until she gets the call from the’s the “C” word. The show shifts to a surreal courtroom where Tracy is taken back and forth in time by a Young Prosecutor. Through songs and scenes, Tracy explores how her perspective of living differs from those around her. The cancer diagnosis makes for an interesting anniversary evening (HOLDING THE FUTURE), and as Tracy searches for her treatment OPTIONS, she decides on a risky, yet logical, clinical trial.
Tracy’s friends and family jump in to help with her eating habits (SUPER SHAKE) and putting perspective on life in general (LEARN HOW TO BEND). Tracy befriends Ruthie and Natalie, two other patients, and they bond while getting PRICKED, POKED, and PRODDED. After referring back to a childhood lullaby (FOLLOW THE LIGHT), Tracy is reinvigorated and is determined to be the QUEEN OF THE TRIAL.


The absurdly funny MISS CHEMO is followed by Ruthie, Natalie and Tracy proclaiming themselves as UNBEATABLE!  Reality emerges ( LEAVING ME) putting marital love to the test.  After juggling meds in THE PHARMACY SONG, Tracy is uplifted by the spiritually soulful HOLD ON TO LOVE. As she makes some key life revelations, Tracy vows to LIVE!


Based on the true life story of entertainment executive Laurie Frey, UNBEATABLE! began its journey as a reading at Phoenix Theatre's New Works Festival in August, 2006. After some major changes the musical was seen at Cleveland’s Playhouse Square's Launch Series for an artist residency in June, 2007.

From there it moved to New York's Barrow Group Theater during August, 2007 for a showcase that starred Jenn Colella (Broadway's High Fidelity, Urban Cowboy). After seeing the NYC showcase, Bristol Myers Squibb brought a one-act version of the show to Los Angeles (November, 2007) and Philadelphia (May, 2008) for an audience of 1,000+ medical professionals from all over the country.

In August and September, 2008, the world premier of UNBEATABLE! was produced by Phoenix Theatre and Stages Repertory Theatre/Pink Ribbons Project.  The show starred Kristy Cates (Broadway’s Wicked) and played in Phoenix and Houston to standing ovations for all 45 performances. In the fall of 2009 UNBEATABLE! ran for seven weeks at The Playhouse at Westport Plaza located in St. Louis, MO and is currently nominated for 4 Kevin Kline Awards (Best New Musical/Play, Best Leading Actress, Best Supporting Actress, Best Ensemble).